Patriotic Sky Blaster, Shark Plane, Jr. Astronaut Helmets, Firefighter or Policeman Drawstring Bags Plus Adorable Chef Ensemble

All To Debut At Booth 5527

Lake Barrington, IL (January 25, 2017) – If you can think back to 1997, the top three computer (hardware) companies were IBM, Dell, and Hewlett-Packard! Apple’s iMac wouldn’t launch for another year! That same year entrepreneur Mark Levine launched a toy company with just one product, a tangle-free toy parachute memorialized in his Aeromax company logo. Twenty years later, the internationally recognized company is still rolling out products that allow kids to aim for the stars – with some earthly outfits, toys and accessories. See what’s coming next at Aeromax’s Booth 5527 at the North American International Toy Fair.

Click on their website,, and you’ll discover kid-sized outfits that truly mimic firefighters, physicians, even a dolphin trainer! Just last month, America’s littlest testers at The National Parenting Center wore Aeromax’s Robotic Engineer Top ($13.95) paired with the Robot Helmet (16.95). The delight by kids and reaction by parents earned Aeromax two 2016 Holiday Seals of Approval!

New for 2017 are a playful mix of career gear for role play, toys plus hats, helmets and accessories that make playtime an imaginative daydream!

My 1st Career Gear Orange Astronaut Top ($13.95) paired with the Youth Size Astronaut Helmet now available in orange or white ($16.95) available online or in specialty shops this Spring.




Want to really aim for the stars? Pair it with the Jr. Astronaut Helmet with Sound ($39.95).




If the kitchen is more of your child’s playground, consider gifting a delicious Chef Jacket & Hat ($29.95).

It’s not just dress up clothing for role play but out-of-this-world toys that keep families coming back to Aeromax. Bump ‘N Bots ($4.95) arrive in 2017. These two engaging robots need to be wound up and then let go for a futuristic adventure. Choose from two retro designs!


Aeromax’s website offers opportunities found nowhere else, like saving 10% when bundling a themed outfit. For a special touch, consider personalizing — such as a NASA-inspired astronaut jumpsuit with a child’s name. Roger, that!

Knowing that families may have tight budgets, more than half of the 2017 offerings are under $10! Drawstring Backpacks logoed with firefighter red or police blue symbols are just $5.95. Sounds like the toy company is looking fondly back to those 1997 prices! Happy Anniversary Aeromax!


Available in early Spring 2017, look for these new items displayed at Booth 5527:

Orange My 1st Career Gear Astronaut Top

• $13.95 • Ages 3-6

Ready to explore? This top is easy for little ones to put on by themselves. The bright orange top boasts

an official NASA logo and a clear pocket for their name! Buy another commander top for a sibling in white, available online at

Orange Youth Sized Astronaut Helmet • $16.95 • Ages 3+

This space helmet is a little smaller for younger kids ages 3 to about 8 to enjoy. Aeromax doesn’t skimp on rich details in this smaller version! Note the moving visor, NASA logo and appealing decorations that inspire kids to dream big. Quality and durability are always number one, along with a great price.

Orange Jr. Astronaut Helmet with Sound • $39.95 • Ages 8+

This helmet is intended for bigger kids ages 8 and up as well as teens and grownups. Built of high quality construction with serious attention to details like a built-in sound chip. Aeromax adds incredible features like a spring loaded retractable shield, mock boom-microphone for communication, official looking NASA logo and more! What fun kids can have when they top this helmet with any of the Aeromax Get Real Gear boots, gloves and backpack. To infinity, and beyond!

Red Jr. Firefighter Helmet • $8.95 • Ages 3+

Look like a Fire Chief with this realistic looking helmet detailed with fire company logo in front and a longer visor in the back to keep cool on the job. Includes suspension adjustable headband and D-ring hardware for authenticity. Looks great matched with Aeromax’s firefighting tops and gear.

Red Firefighter Drawstring Backpack • $5.95 • Ages 3+

When things get hot, you are ready with this lightweight backpack that’s richly detailed in red, yellow and back. Pairs perfectly with any Aeromax firefighter-themed jumpsuit, helmet, tops or is the perfect place to store your firefighting gear and accessories.

Police Drawstring Backpack • $5.95 • Ages 3+

What’s the hurry ma’am? Stop traffic or just mom with this realistic looking drawstring backpack. Aeromax is known for its details and this backpack is a shout out to our men and women in blue who protect and serve! Perfect to pack up all of your police accessories and gear.

Wind Up Bump ‘N Bots • $4.95 • 3+

Kids have adored robots every since the cartoon Jetson’s hired Rosie as their maid! These two bots don’t do any housework but will entertain kids for hours. Just wind them up and watch what happens. Choose from two retro designs: Square Front or Round Front.

Chef Jacket & Hat • $29.95 • Ages 4+

Hey good looking, what’s cooking? Chefs-to-be will look awesome in this too-sweet jacket with professional hat. Rich details like black piping, four rows of buttons and black gingham accents on the cuffs, neck and matching hat make any chef a master.

Sky Blaster Red, White & Blue Edition • $7.95 • Ages 8+

The all in one Rocket and Launcher gets a patriotic makeover in 2017. Sky Blaster not only soars 120 feet but also whistles as it flies through the air. No batteries needed for this awesome toy, it’s strictly kid powered.


Shark Plane • $5.95 • Ages 4+

Arriving in April/May 2017, this aerobatic foam flier looks ferocious with shark teeth and a big smile. Be amazed as it flies up to 100 feet through the air and soars underwater too! Just grip, toss into the air and release. It’s easy to do stunts like dives and loops or toss it to a friend. Soft foam makes it safe for indoors. The allowance-friendly price makes it a special purchase by a child.

Or consider rewarding a good report card or that upcoming visit from the tooth fairy! With Aeromax, the imagination has no limits!

Aeromax products are found in hundreds of retail outlets coast to coast. Their toys and career clothing have been spotted in airports, museum shops, specialty toy stores and gift shops. Check out the entire line of products at and follow them on Facebook.


Mark Levine started Aeromax in 1997 with one product. Twenty years later, fans of Aeromax products still appreciate how the company has become synonymous with innovation. From its start with a tangle-free toy parachute to its “Get Real Gear” career-oriented costumes, toys, hats and accessories, Aeromax continually earns industry awards and national media recognition.